What are we doing?
How are we doing it?

The “What are we doing” part is quite clear. We are building happy customers, happy customers, happy business partners and solid friendships. This is actually the whole gist of it.

Of course, we are doing this by working hard. But working is not enough, we are constantly updating the knowledge we have acquired and expand our vision. In cooperation with you, we are managing all these processes professionally.


Global Lotus Construction Investment Consultancy is an innovative brand that operates throughout Turkey and manages the sales and marketing organization network of residential, office, commercial and all kinds of real estate projects.

With our experienced sales planning strategy in the field of real estate sales and marketing, we differentiate you from other companies by carrying out an individual and original planning organization for each brand and person we work with. We enable you to express to your target audience exactly that you are different and remarkable in the industry. We prepare a faster and more profitable sales program for you and develop the most suitable sales organization for you in line with your goals.

Although price-based competition increases sales, it produces inefficient results at the end of the day, so we proceed with the right marketing tools and methods. In this way, we take you to the top of the competition with our professional staff and strategies that will maximize both your profitability and the customer satisfaction.

Uzman Görüşü

All together on the
path to success

"The way to achieve success is through working hard, gaining experience and developing good relationships. As Global Lotus, we have been carrying out very successful projects with the right team and respected solution partners for more than 11 years. Today, we would be happy to see you with us as we reap the fruits of our development."