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Preparation of flat for land contract

Flat for land construction contract; It is also known as a construction contract in exchange for land share. In a flat for land construction agreement, one party is the landowner, and the other is the contractor, also known as the construction company. Unlike typical contracts, a flat for land construction agreement includes promises of real estate sale and construction contracts. The mentioned contract implies that the contractor will create a structure on the transferred land according to the agreement. It is important to note, as the Global Lotus Legal Department, that in a flat for land construction agreement, the construction company is obligated to build and deliver the construction on behalf of the landowner, and, in return, the landowner is obligated to transfer the real estate in exchange for the construction. This way, the elements of the flat for land construction agreement are fulfilled. We provide support to our clients throughout these processes.

Preparation of preliminary sales contract

A real estate sales contract is a type of document that is prepared and signed between the buyer and the seller in real estate transactions. This contract secures the sale of the property. Making a contract is crucial to prevent potential issues in future real estate transactions. It is, in a way, a commitment to formally conduct the real estate sales agreement that must be made officially before a notary public in the future. Therefore, the real estate sales promise contract should be prepared according to a specific draft and signed by the parties in the presence of a notary public. For the real estate sales contract to gain validity, the sale price must be stated in the contract. We assist our clients in every aspect of preparing and navigating through the processes of the real estate sales contract.

Establishment of management plan

Site management, which is necessary to solve problems that may arise in public living spaces and perform routine tasks, is a task that most people avoid. The responsibility of the site management, who must work almost like an accountant and manager, is quite large. Issues such as collection of dues, cleaning of the building, elevator maintenance, layout and maintenance of green areas, employees' salaries, insurance, leaves, and severance pay are a few indicators that site management should be left in professional hands. Global Lotus Construction Investment Consultancy supports its customers in the establishment of the site management plan.

Establishment of floor easement

The easement right established on a building with independent sections, the construction of which has not yet been completed, in proportion to the land share of the owners, as a basis for condominium ownership, is called floor easement. The establishment of floor easement is done through an official deed. This deed is issued by the Land Registry Office. The easement right is registered in the land registry with this document. Floor easement is established in favor of the land owners or stakeholders in proportion to the land share. For immovable properties such as residences and workplaces purchased during the construction phase of the project, a land title deed with floor easement is issued by the contractor for these immovable properties. As Global Lotus, we manage all these processes carefully and meticulously for our customers.

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